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Welcome to pintofest!

As the name implies, pintofest is a fic/fan art challenge community united in appreciation of one pairing: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto.

The primary purpose of pintofest is to provide opportunity for authors and artists within the Pinto community to stretch themselves creatively, to facilitate the sharing of ideas between aforementioned authors and artists, as well as encourage the formation of new friendships within the group at large- be it authors, artists, betas, lurkers, or just a passing appreciator. After all, the fandom that plays together, stays together.

The guidelines are simple: participate, create, and be the best GQMF you can be. Thus far it hasn't been a problem, but just to be clear: this is a wank-free community with a two-strike policy. Deadlines are lenient, this policy is not.

Current Round (#5): the 1st Annual Summer Luau!
1. Sign ups are open. (06/25 - 07/02) HERE
2. The Luau commences. (07/05 - 07/31)
3. Official fill deadline. (09/01)

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