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Meta Monday

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Yup! There will be a remix challenge coming up in about two weeks! But for now it's Meta Monday!
Who is seeing Unstoppable?

And who thinks it looks good? Personally, I think it looks like a train wreck (lol) but since Chris is in it I will see it opening night! How about you guys? Are you having a party to celebrate our bb on the big screen? What's happening?

Meta (my own personal definition) : Discussing characterization. The reasons behind a character's actions, thoughts and what makes them who they are. 


1. NO WANK. Just like Starfleet we are a "peacekeeping armada."
2. Discuss. Don't argue. 
3. If all else fails, agree to disagree and play nice~!

Also if anyone has a topic they would love to have up for discussion, suggest ithere :)
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