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Meta Monday

Today's topic is....
What irks you in pinto fics?

LET IT OUT BABIES! LET IT OUT! Don't point fingers! For me, characterization makes the fic. If it's off then I just can't read it. What about you?

Meta (my own personal definition) : Discussing characterization. The reasons behind a character's actions, thoughts and what makes them who they are.


1. NO WANK. Just like Starfleet we are a "peacekeeping armada."
2. Discuss. Don't argue.
3. If all else fails, agree to disagree and play nice~!

Also if anyone has a topic they would love to have up for discussion, suggest it here :)
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September 20 2010, 14:28:48 UTC 6 years ago

Sexual violence. That's one thing I can't stand.

Just seeing the fic warnings containing that four-letter word makes me want to gouge my eyes out and throw up.

Also, I know there are a lot people in fandom whose first language is not English, but I hate people who use the word 'rape' to mean 'anal sex.' I can't believe there are people who think they're the same thing and go around saying "Yay, rape is fun! Squee!"

I hate them as much as those people who use the word 'gay' to mean 'paedophiles, child molesters and rapists.' Believe it or not, I still encounter people who say things like "Oh, the guy raped a kid. He must be gay." No, you fucking idiot. When a guy rapes little boys, he's a rapist/child molester. It doesn't mean he's gay! It doesn't make him gay!

If you live in a society where everyone else has only one eye while you're the only one with two eyes, then you'd be the freak. That's what I feel like. A freak for not liking watching/reading about sexual violence while everyone else is going "Hey, rape is fun. Don't take it so serious."

I understand where you come from but I've never read a fic like that in Pinto fandom and I am really grateful for it. The mostly high quality fic is one of the reasons why I love Pinto fandom.


September 20 2010, 16:41:05 UTC 6 years ago

To use your own example, just because someone writes about rape, it doesn't make them rapists. I don't particularly care for SM, I don't understand the desire to be hurt or to cause someone else pain, but I'm not going to pop a vessel over it; I'm just going to move on.
Just seeing the fic warnings containing that four-letter word makes me want to gouge my eyes out and throw up.

This is going to be a common theme in fic above a certain maturity rating... just as common as it would be in erotica-based literature forums, sexual-kink-based social clubs, certain message boards, etc. Anywhere that is intensely kink-friendly, you're going to find this kink.

If you have this response every single time you encounter it... it's possible fanfic-land may not be the healthiest place for you (just like a BDSM club might not be). People who are into noncon are made to feel like freaks on a regular basis in general society, which is something you seem to understand, given your comment. They come to kink-friendly communities to escape the judgment for short periods of time. Nobody who has this kink wants to force it on someone who doesn't like it. They just want to not be attacked for having it.

If people could choose to have a socially appropriate sexuality (the definition of which changes from year to year as it is), there'd be a lot less conflict in the world, but nobody has that choice. Please don't think people are writing or enjoying this kink to hurt you. "Fun" doesn't exactly cover it; learning to accept the darker or even dysfunctional parts of your own sexuality is a necessary thing for many people in order to be healthy and happy. It's no fun learning that you have a kink that most of society disapproves of. It's painful and difficult, and you cling to spaces where you can explore it safely and consensually, where people can reassure you that you're not a bad person, and you defend those spaces where possible.

I stress this: most people who have the kink don't understand it any more than you do, they just HAVE it, and so are forced to accept it and find ways to deal with it. In a way you're lucky to not have to do that.

Nobody wants you to be hurt, including you. You're allergic to noncon. This is clearly bothering you enough that you need to do more to protect yourself from it.
Well said.
I second the importance of characterization!

Another thing I can't stand are plots which are going nowhere. Sure, I like to read anything with Pinto but there are fics out there in which they do things for unknown reasons and nothing is explained. It's all irrational behaviour and OOC on top of that. Thank god, this is raaaare :)


September 20 2010, 17:23:09 UTC 6 years ago

It bugs me when the rest of the Trek cast members are used as the "friends" in fics. In reality, Zach and Chris have other friends to whom they are much closer and would socialize with them and who they turn to for advice and all of that. I would actually rather see writers use OMCs as the friends of Pinto than the other Trek actors.


September 20 2010, 17:33:48 UTC 6 years ago

This bugs me too. As does Kristen Bell being cast as Zach's Best Friend in every pinto fic when it seems they don't really even hang out since she quit Heroes. The last photos I could find of them together are over 2 years old.

I guess people use her and the rest of the Trek cast because it's easier to write a celeb (who've you've probably seen interviews with and other stuff) than someone like Neal or Corey or Brigid whose personalities we don't really know.
One note, nonny: KBell is a popular choice because she had a documented ten-year relationship with ZQ before they worked together on Heroes.

It's one of those little bitty things that you pick up from a statement in one interview and it just takes residence in the headspace, but that's how most Pinto facts get started, as is.
Yeah. Generally speaking, it's tough to write RPF about people who don't have at least some kind of public persona.

But that being said, the F in RPF stands for "fiction" and while I realize the cast doesn't spend every waking moment together, I don't mind suspending my disbelief if it's going to result in a fun story.



September 20 2010, 22:42:14 UTC 6 years ago

Yes, the Kristen Bell as BFF is another one that yanks my chain.

I understand how people come to that conclusion, but if they're uncomfortable with making up personalities for Brigid, Corey, etc., then that's why I think they should just use OCs instead. I'm just really over seeing the rest of the Trek cast in Pinto fic.
Let me preface this by saying I'm guilty of it myself...

I dislike it when, in ANY kind of story, something really terrible happens to a character and the consequences aren't realistic. Most people have a bone to pick with the "magical healing cock" H/C pattern; well, that's not an unforgivable sin. It can be done well and it can be done badly. I'm an absolute sucker for H/C that's done well, where the effects of trauma/injury seem realistic, and where it takes more than just sex to recover from them.

Violence in particular is often treated a little lightly in fic. People who get their information about violent injury from fiction often don't realize just how incredibly easy it is to kill someone. The majority of homicides committed in the U.S. are simply violent assaults gone wrong, usually with liquor involved. And it's a rarity that you see someone acknowledge the way injuries effect the body over time. I loved jenlynn's long-range Pinto fic about the car accident, THAT was SO doin' it right. :D

As for other stuff...

I'm going to take a different tack.

These are the things that I do in my OWN FIC that annoy the PISS out of me (exciting, ne?):

- Characters who are too self-aware. I don't give my characters enough room to be stupid damn humans some times. Contrast to medea's Captain Spanky series, where Chris spends SO much time confused and it's so incredibly well-portrayed. Also anything by anythingever. She freakin' NAILS the lack of self-awareness thing.

- Rushing into the love. ARGH. Strange Geometry needed an extra chapter between 1 and 2, to explain to the reader why the two characters were SO in tune and into each other, and I didn't write one because I was so in love with the pairing I had stars in my eyes. I love it when a writer can handle a slow progression of affection; all too often my characters fall head over heels for each other before the fic even starts.

- Rushing to the conclusion. So many of my fics do this; I'm so eager to get to the end that I skip a few steps along the path to resolving whatever conflict I set in motion, and when I get kinda/sorta finished with a fic, I often rush to post it without really making it everything it could have been. Conflict is often painful for the writer, but it's meat to the reader, take the time to RESOLVE that puppy before you finish things off. This aligns with the taking-violence seriously: take conflict seriously, too, and bear in mind that just because two characters really want to resolve things, doesn't mean it's going to be easy.

- I often prefer boring settings. I love homes and workplaces, and just the basic boring stuff... it took me AGES to branch out into clubs, etc. Frankly, I know almost nothing about clubbing, so it's outside my comfort zone. I love it in other people's fic when a good AU or just something a little different happens and I get introduced to new settings. Beedle's Wand of Light... now THAT was a learning experience.

More if I think of them.
Okay, *sigh*. So, I'll go first with my own stuff.

I hate it when I start a fiction and get stuck and feel like I write a chapter just to move the story along without it being an excellent example of my writing. (Not that I'm an excellent writer, mind you, just that I want to do my best with everything I share) Yeah, I'm looking at you, "That's Amore".

As for other people's writing, really the thing I hate, in any fandom, is when people do a half-assed job with grammar and spelling. It takes away from what can sometimes be an awesome story.
I'm generally irked by how additive Pinto fic can be :o)


September 21 2010, 02:36:56 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  September 21 2010, 02:37:11 UTC

I know right? Here I am, with stuff to do, and then all the sudden BAM - my fave writers will post something, and I'll get sucked into something really incredibly written, and not go to bed on time/leave a few dishes/etc. etc.

Random $10 words thrown in just for the sake of putting them in there.

I don't see it very often -- we are an incredibly hyperliterate fandom and we tend to use our big words wisely -- and I'm sure I could be accused of it myself, but it does bug me. Possibly because I see a TON of papers every day where the writer has obviously right-clicked and chosen a totally random synonym suggested by MS Word without any regard to connotation.

Wow, pretentiousness, activate!